What is the future of HTS?

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What is the future of HTS?

Any comment?

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ey4pbc wrote:Any comment?

ey4pbc wrote:

Any comment?

A critical science issue is to understand the expression, function and interactions of protein complexes in the biological environments. High-field mass spectrometry technology is one of the new tools/or technologies for measuring and modeling protein abundances and modifications as a function of organism development. Check with Companies such as:Biomax solutions, Inc.
www.biomaxsolutionsinc.com (a company that provides integrated life software and services);
Protana Analytical services at: www.protana.com, and
Bruker Daltonics at: www.bdal.de
Companies such as Bio-Rad provides tools for advanced proteomic research such as: " Decisive Advantage" kit to study proteins, And Invitrogene that provides The first Human Protein Microarray: www.invitrogene.com/humanprotoarray
This was a broad question, I hope I helped a little.

Paul Weinreb
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Let's start with a definition

Let's start with a definition of HTS: I think the standard accepted definition of this has nothing to do with proteomics, but rather deals with the screening of large numbers of small molecules in an assay in order to find leads for further optimization.

That said, HTS was the hot area a few years ago, and in my opinion has lost some of its luster as it has not led to nearly as many new chemical entities (NCEs in drug company-speak) as might have been predicted when this technology was in its infancy. The focus now seems to have shifted more to traditional medicinal chemistry, coupled with more sophisticated modeling enabling better rational drug design.

But perhaps some of my colleagues who are more actively involved in this area would care to disagree?

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Look up "Theory of

Look up "Theory of Constraints"
What has been happening to HTS is akin to the manufacturing industry. Some automated for the sake of automating as I call it seminar speak (everyone else is doing it). Now they have realized what happened and are focusing on process workflow coupled with proper automation to realize the data analysis that is required to bring about the NCE's.