Laboratory Higher Apprentice - England

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Laboratory Higher Apprentice - England

What is the purpose of the role?
Joining a team in the Labs who are passionate about providing a quality service to our customers you will undergo a formal higher apprenticeship working towards foundation degree level in either chemistry or life sciences through workplace learning. The first three years of this role will work towards foundation degree level, with the opportunity to study for a further two years to honours degree level when you will then be skilled in either analytical chemistry or analytical microbiology. We work with Manchester (Chemistry) and Kent (Life Sciences) universities and the courses are mainly delivered through e-learning. During your apprenticeship you will be working towards the role of a Laboratory Analyst within Thames Water.

What makes this role unique?
This is a chance to train towards a degree whilst working in an analytical laboratory gaining practical experience, giving you the opportunity to earn while you learn, this is a great opportunity for anybody looking to start a career within the water industry. Continuously striving for excellent quality and with a Health and Safety record that all laboratories would be proud of we are giving you the chance to join a leading water organisation who supply an essential service to our 9 million drinking water customers and 14 million wastewater customers. We carry out over 2 million tests a year of which, most will come through our labs in Reading. Providing this essential service is a major responsibility that is already, and will continue to be, challenged by population growth, climate change and new legislation now and in the future.

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