Opening For Laboratory Automation Scientist : Cambridge

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Opening For Laboratory Automation Scientist : Cambridge

The Laboratory Automation Scientist is responsible for ensuring that laboratory automation and support activities advance the research objectives and mission of the R&D domain. The automation scientist will work with scientists across R&D to analyse current laboratory practices at Medimmune and identify opportunities where work can be performed in a more efficient and consistent manner through the use of laboratory automation. This role requires experience in the design and delivery of laboratory automation solutions.
The role requires extensive liaison with end users and stakeholders to understand the challenges, build beneficial relationships and successfully implement the solution to the satisfaction of the scientists and management.
You will also be responsible for ensuring that appropriate validated and non-validated IS systems within the laboratory environment, across R&D, are maintained and kept up to date. This role ensures that standard practices and methodologies (i.e. GxP) are applied to all research- and development- laboratory orientated systems within the R&D function.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
• Engage with scientists across R&D to improve existing laboratory processes to allow them to be automated.
• Install, test and validate new automation systems, and adapt existing automation systems to ensure they meet scientific needs and user requirements.
• Ensure data transfer to data capture and analysis platforms is enabled from automation systems.
• Advise and train others on the use of laboratory automation systems.
• Recommend unexplored and emerging areas for building capabilities and driving innovation within the R&D domain.
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