Cell Based Assays for HTS

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Cell Based Assays for HTS

Cell Based Assays for HTS


Participating Companies Include;
= Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH
= Serono SA
= Merck Research Labs
= Merck & Co., Inc.
= Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research
= Pfizer Global Research and Development
= Wyeth Research

Conference Sessions Topics Include;
= Technology for Cell-Based Assays- Advancing Assay Development
= Imaging Technologies
= Cell-Based GPCR & Ion Channel Screening
= Division Arrested Cells for Screening
= Thinking 3D
= Embryonic Stem Cells fro Drug Screening
= Cell Sourcing & Culture

PLUS! Attend a Conference Short Course (May 25th)

Short Course 2:
Optimization of Cell, Media and Processes for Cell-Based Screening

Course Leader:
Robin Felder, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Medical Automation Research
Center (MARC), University of Virginia
Course Description:
In this short course, the faculty will highlight the number of industries which
depend on cell culture and include how each can benefit from the 3D paradigm.
For example, high-throughput screening and cell-based assay groups will be
able to test compounds within more relevant cells. Public health officials and
biomanufacturers will be able to respond more rapidly and regionally prior to
potential pandemics. Furthermore, the discovery and production of humanized
biotech drugs will benefit from a standard and scalable 3D cell culture process.
New media formulations will provide the added nutritional support and buffering
required for high production cell culture systems. Media design for small scale
and manufacturing processes will also be featured.