Web Seminar May 29th: A high-throughput screening approach for faster

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Web Seminar May 29th: A high-throughput screening approach for faster

A high-throughput screening approach for faster polymorph studies using less drug substance

May 29
Web Seminar
Sandy White
(925) 543-3442

Duration: Thursday, May 29

10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT
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45 minutes

Extensive pre-formulation studies, including identification of crystalline forms, are typically needed to select the most stable and bioavailable form of a drug substance. Careful polymorph studies can preempt costly late-stage complications in drug development and provide life cycle options by yielding multiple polymorphs as intellectual properties. However, such studies are generally conducted at a time in the discovery process in which precious little drug substance is available.

In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, Symyx developed an integrated workflow optimized for polymorph and salt selection studies that allows researchers to explore a broader experimental design space, in parallel, with less starting material. Researchers, starting with as little as 500 mg of compound, can prepare, screen, and analyze a single library of up to 384 different formulations in 4 days.

Critical elements of the integrated workflow, including a universal substrate for analyzing samples, a device to maintain thermal uniformity during filtration, and software that simplifies experimental design and data analysis will be presented with results of a polymorph case study.