Lab automation equipment and robotics

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Lab automation equipment and robotics

Here is a link to a page that updates press releases about Lab automation equipment and robotics

Here is an interesting press release about the Velocity 11 - Shelf can sense ifa microplate is present

Velocity11 says its new sensing shelf for the high-speed VPrep pipetting station further expands the versatility of the popular system.

With its versatile shelf configurations, the VPrep is suited to performing complex pipetting sequences, while at the same time achieving very high throughput. The new shelf configuration can be used to sense if a microplate is present prior to processing eliminating the possibility of costly pipette head crashes.
Other shelf configurations include an alignment shelf that ensures precise positioning of labware on the VPrep.
It is used primarily for 1536-well, and low volume (small diameter) 384-well microplates where high precision positioning is essential.

The unique design actively holds the plate while it is under the pipette head, releasing the plate once the processing is completed. Using the VPrep vacuum alignment shelf, warped PCR plates are no longer a problem.

This shelf utilises vacuum to hold a wide range of plates down flat to ensure reliable pipetting in every well.
A vacuum sensor ensures proper plate engagement prior to any liquid handling steps.

The VPrep weigh shelf provides precise liquid level control for auto-filling reagent reservoirs. By monitoring the weight of the reservoir, it can control when the associated pump is activated.
This ensures that the liquid level is always kept at an optimal location, and the reservoir is never overfilled. The VPrep pipetting station is a highly productive precision pipettor.
The VPrep features a choice of interchangeable 96-, 384-, 8- or 16-channel pipetting heads.

Eight sliding shelves are arranged on either side of the pipetting head permitting access to the plates, while conserving deck space. The VPrep has the added capability of accessing all quadrants of 96, 384, and 1536 well microplates.

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