Making Bulk Monodisperse Emulsions

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Making Bulk Monodisperse Emulsions

I've been doing research on how to make bulk monodisperse emulsions. From the literature I've reviewed, it seems that ultrasound techniques are the most effetive for making bulk emulsions. I need to make emulsions in two size ranges - 5 and 20 micron emulsion droplets.

So my questions for this community are:

(1) Do people agree that the most effective manner to make bulk (i.e. 50 ml volume) emulsions is with high frequency emulsions.

(2) Can you recommend any vendors that make emulsion making hardware.

(3) Can you recommend any literature related to controlling the production of bulk emulsions - especially with respect to controlling the surface energy with surfactants or related materials.

Looking forward to the discussions.