Arabinose induction

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Arabinose induction

Hi all,

I have arabinose inducible promoter,pBAD, by this way i can control the expression of my gene of interest by adding certain concentration of arabinose. When i add arabinose to the culture medium, i induce the expression of my desired gene. I showed that by RT-PCR but on the other hand, i also looked for different genes expressions in induced and non-induced cDNA. I observed that, when I add arabinose to the medium all the genes that I research for are show reduced expression levels. Beriefly, I have wild type(non-induced) and wild tpye (induced) and the same conditions with strains contain pBAD vector which is inducible with arabinose. when I made RT-PCR of these samples cDNAs I observed that wild type-non induced strain express much more (except my gene of interest) than the induced one. Does arabinose have that effect? I hope i can explain my problem :(