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I'm using TG1 one strain of E-coli but it grows in kanamycin

Tony Rook
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Hello F2:

Hello F2:

From what I can tell most of the E. coli TG1 strains do not contain the kan gene

Please refer to this E. coli strains and genotypes link.

Are you certain that your genotype does not contain kanamycin resistance? If so, then maybe you will need to adjust your drug concentrations.

reza tohidkia
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Hi. I am intrested in

Hi. I am intrested in immunotherapy of gastric cancer with scFv. I am going to be screening a phage scFv library against a tumor associated antigen of gastric cancer. However i don't know how to earn a naive or synthetic human phage scFv library. Also does anyone know which non-immune human phage scFv library is appropriate for my study?