Aspergillus genomics

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Aspergillus genomics

Genome sizes for sequenced species of Aspergillus range from approximately 29.3 Mb for A. fumigatus to 37.1 Mb for A. oryzae while the numbers of predicted genes vary from approximately 9926 for A. fumigatus to approximately 12,071 for A. oryzae. The genome size of an enzyme producing strain of A. niger is of intermediate size at 33.9 Mb.

Aspergillus species are only one group among a large number of eukaryotes now catalogued in databanks. There are currently well over 100 fungal genome projects in various stages of completion. In addition to full-fledged genome projects, various EST (expressed sequence tag) projects identify expressed genes by sequencing cDNA copies of mRNA. This approach provides a 'poor man's' strategy for genomics and provides valuable information about the coding regions of a genome expressed under different environmental conditions. ESTs also guide later annotation of full genomes. Furthermore, DNA microarrays are available for an increasing number of Aspergillus genomes and their use allows targeted functional analyses.

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