Asylum AFM cantilever holder

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Asylum AFM cantilever holder


I need to design an AFM holder for a specialized set of cantilevers. My cantilever is attached to a chip carrier and the electrode pads are placed on the chip carrier. I want to attach the chip carrier to the asylum afm holder, and I want to get the signal to the electrode pads (the electrodes pads are probably 5 mm by 5 mm big) from the AFM. For this I was thinking of attaching a 2 pin connector to the holder body such that when the holder is screwed down, the pins would make contact with the left and right electrodes. The ends of the pins are attached to wires which go to the signal input of the AFM. For this I may need to redesign the holder, so that the height of the base of the holder from the cantilever remains the same. 

Is this idea viable? Are there better approaches to do the same? If I take this approach, how do I obtain such a small pin connector and how do I attach it to the holder? Also, what kind of design changes should I be thinking about in AFM holder to do this customization?

All and any help will be greatly appreciated!