ConfocalMicroscopy colocalization by ImageJ

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ConfocalMicroscopy colocalization by ImageJ

hello everybody

i have just started using ImageJ in order to analyse my images; i would like to work on colocalization: i have found plugins and the help of toni collins about how to use plugins but I'm abslutely unable to download my plugin!!!!!!!!!
Can somebody describe my on details how to do it??????????? Hope you can because I'm desesperate!!



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 So obviously you have found

 So obviously you have found the ImageJ download site

Let's say you have chosen to install the Colocalization Finder Plugin is

Download Colocalization_Finder.jar to the ImageJ plugins folder on your hard drive and restart ImageJ. ( on a windows PC that should probably be located in C:\Program Files\ImageJ\Plugins )

The plugin should then be listed in the Plugins menu of ImageJ the next time you start the program.

Another Colocalization plug in  can be installed the same way by saving Colocalization_.class to C:\Program Files\ImageJ\Plugins 

Most of the other plugins install similarly - just read the instructions for installation for each plugin on their individual description pages on the ImageJ plugin pages.

Sometimes the plugins are provided in a format that needs compliling before you run them for the first time.  If that is the case, save the plugin file from the web site to C:\Program Files\ImageJ\Plugins and then open ImageJ.  Then in the plug in menu use the command "Compile and Run"

then It should be in the plug in menu every time you start ImageJ after that.

Good luck!

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