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Fraser Moss
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ImageJ User & Developer Conference

November 6th-7th 2008
Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor
29, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

Web Site:

Please viti the the homepage of the ImageJ Conference series 2008. After the successful first ImageJ User and Developer Conference in 2006, we are currently planning the second edition of this event in Luxembourg. Please read the call for papers for more details about the conference. Check out the news section for information about our current activities.

Please forward this information to anyone interested in ImageJ and we appreciate if you help us advertising this event.

We will organize additional conference polls, which will help us to plan the event.

Current status: call for paper!

Important Dates:

10/2007 - 02/2008 Internal organization (Steering Committee, Web)
01.03.2008 - 15.06.2008 Call for workshop / presentation / poster / expo
15.07.2008 Notification of Acceptance
16.07.2008 Conference Programme
16.07.2008 - 21.09.2008 Visitors Registration (Early-bird price)
22.09.2008 - 22.10.2008 Visitors Registration (regular price)
06.11.2008 - 07.11.2008 ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2008

Guy Sovak
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On the same issue,

On the same issue,
Do any one uses other softwares like ImageJ and can recomand one.