Biology of Aging Course at Woods Hole

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Biology of Aging Course at Woods Hole

I took the Biology of Parasitism course in 1999 and it was amazing.  Beg your PI to let you go!

Molecular Biology of Aging
Directors: Steven N. Austad, University of Texas Health Science Center; and Gary B. Ruvkun, Mass General Hospital

Course Date: July 26 - August 15, 2009
Online Application Form, (PDF) Deadline: March 16, 2009

Costs of attending the course, including travel, housing, and meals at MBL, are fully supported by The Ellison Medical Foundation.

A three-week lecture and laboratory course featuring the newest and most exciting ideas in aging research, with emphasis on molecular approaches. A distinguished faculty will interact with approximately 20 students via lecture, discussion, hands-on experiments, and analysis of data. Lecture topics encompass model systems (yeast,
C. elegans
); mitochondrial defects and oxidative stress, DNA mutations and repair; telomeres and cellular senescence; mammalian aging; and evolutionary considerations. Laboratory exercises will examine aging in the models systems—
C. elegans
and laboratory mice; DNA changes in old versus young animals including mitochondrial, ribosomal, and other DNA species; mammalian aging in old versus young mice and in various mutant strains.

2008 Faculty and Lecturers:

Bruce Ames,
CHORI / University of California, Berkeley
Imad Bakri,
University of Texas Health Science Center
Nir Barzilai,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Sean Curran,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Lenny Guarente,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brian Kennedy,
University of Washington
Adrian Lambert,
Medical Research Council
Linda Partridge,
University College London
Andrej Podlutsky,
University of Texas Health Science Center
Robert Reenan,
Brown University
Heidi Scrable,
University of Virginia
Norman Sharpless,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David Shore,
Harvard Medical School
David Sinclair,
Harvard Medical School
Zoltan Ungvari,
New York Medical College
Jan Vijg,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine