Role of nanoparticle

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Role of nanoparticle

Dear viewers, I shall be very happy if you clear the following my doubts.

1. Actually my doubts is, whether the nanoparticles itself act as a drugs?, or its only act as carrier of drugs.?

2. How the injected/adminstered nanoparticle eliminated from the system without any accumulation?

3. If the nanopartilce is not properly eliminated from the body what will happen?

4.What about BBB and nanoparticles?

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These are very good questions

These are very good questions. Since nanotechnology is still an emerging science, there remain many uncertainties regarding the fate and transport of nanomaterials. Regarding whether nanoparticles are drugs or carriers, i think that would depend on the application. Drugs are small molecules (smaller than nanoparticles), so I think in many cases, they would be considered the carrier vehicle for drugs. To my knowledge though, nanoparticle-targeted drug delivery is still in the research phase. I'm unfamiliar with any commerical applications (but it's not my area of research).

Regarding elimination, research on the modes of nanoparticle entry (e.g. inhalation, ingestion, dermal exposure) is mixed. It greatly depends on the properties of the nanoparticle (Core, shell, surface area and charge). This is an important focus area for nanotoxicologists. Because nanoparticles are small, it's conjectured that they could enter the blood stream upon inhalation. Studies to date though, have suggested that they act like ultrafine particles.

I hope this helps. The consensus regarding this emerging technology is to answer these types of questions now try to predict and avoid potential problems.