Which point of career is the most hectic in research?

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Jitendra Sinha
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Which point of career is the most hectic in research?

Which point of career is the most hectic in research?

  • Before graduate or Pre-doctoral studies
  • Graduate (PhD)
  • Post-doc
  • Faculty position
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As with all thins in life,

As with all thins in life, with increasing responsibility comes increased stress

Ivan Delgado
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I would argue that post-docs

I would argue that post-docs are one of the most hectic periods in a scientific career. One of the reasons for this is that it is at this point that you have to prove that you are professor material. Because of the large pool of post-docs and the limited number of professor positions, the odds are arguably the worst of any stage in a scientist career. As a graduate student you also need to perform, but you know that you still have a post-doc (or two, or three) to make a breakthrough worth a permanent position. Once you are a professor (and here I am assuming tenure) you could argue that as long as you generate a decent number of publications you should be able to renew your grant(s) or get news ones (assuming a normal economy).
I also think that "faculty position" is a broad term. There is a significant difference between assistant/associate professor and tenure-track professor. I would even argue that the hectic level of a non-tenure track positions is pretty high, although maybe not as high as a post-doc.
This rationale takes into consideration that the individual in question is serious about a career in science; i.e. he or she is working hard at getting that permanent position.

marcus muench
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 My simple answer: Yes, i.e.

 My simple answer: Yes, i.e. all of the above

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hi most hectic and time bound

hi most hectic and time bound with other problematic period in research is Doctoral period.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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as at  graduate or Pre

as at  graduate or Pre-doctoral studies you dont have any Guide to show you the way you have to choose your own way

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Arvind,

Hi Arvind,
When you say there is no guide, do you mean there are no resources for students to identify career paths? While this guide is very limited, I recently posted one here:
I assume you are talking about the experience of students in India. I am curious: do post-docs in India acts as mentors to students?Would it be correct to assume that senior members in a lab serve as guides to students? What about the professors? Are they not mentoring the students? In my experience graduates and pre-doctoral students in the US obtain a significant amount of support and guidance compared to post-docs and professors. This is by no means perfect, but a fair number of students do receive a good amount of mentoring.

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I would say that, as a

I would say that, as a postdoc, you are much more involved in planning both your time and the direction of your project.  I felt the PhD period was a little more frantic as, at the start, I felt somewhat in the dark about the second and third years of the project.  However, nearer the end, the submission date was much more of a reality and there is always that frantic rush to get all of the experiments rounded off in the lab.

Jitendra Sinha
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To me it depends upon the

To me it depends upon the person in question. If I did a MSc and am searching for a PhD position, I will feel like its the most hectic period of life going on (in case I am not finding a PhD position for long)
Similarly the other junctures of career...

Rose Fortune
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