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Abhishek Singh
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Please suggest the antibodies and company that has shown better response mostly  in field of neuroscience

Add colour 2 ur life
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The major player for antibodies are abcam,santa cruz,sigma and so on. Use this web site to get more details about products,different vendors,comparision with other vendors,avaiability etc.

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Mostly we buy Abs from

Mostly we buy Abs from Millipore and Sigma, but these days few other good companies have also come in the market proving at much lower prices like Epitomics, AbD Serotec, Abcam, etc.

First see if your required Abs are available with whch companies.
Then proceed.

Abhishek Singh
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i also want to know if

i also want to know if catalogue pricing of antibodies from millipore is available anywhere in world

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Go here

Go here^73UUAR/73UUB8&filter=61964:^"Neuroscience"$#0:0 

You will be asked to select your region to get specific pricing one you add an item to your cart.  Sometime they will return to you with a quote rather than having the price on the web site