Sleep Deprivation and Brain Chemistry

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Sleep Deprivation and Brain Chemistry

I once heard in a course Im taking in college that sleep deprivation can actually cure mild to severe forms of depression, by changing brain chemistry? Or did I hear this wrong, and its actually the opposite? Thanks.

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The reported outcomes of

The reported outcomes of studies on the usefulness of therapeutic sleep deprivation in depression are not clear. Look for a recent Letter to the Editor in the Journal of Affective Disorders; 78:85-85, 2004.

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Sleep dep does have an anti

Sleep dep does have an anti-depressant effect in humans...on the other hand, it exacerbates panic disorders. The changes in brain chemistry remain to be determined.

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I can only speak from

I can only speak from personal experience (warning ancedotal evidence n=1). I've been sleep deprived for about a week or more (since my allergies have ramped up for the season). When I get tired, I get "down". Lately, I've been 'down' and the world is more negative. Is there a correlation or is it just coincidence?

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Maybe you're down because you

Maybe you're down because you can't stop your eyes and nose from itching! That usually gets me down.

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Recent article published in

Recent article published in EJN(european journal of Neuroscience) deal manily the effects of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation causes neurotransmitter recptor function, changes in receptor subunit expression. Changes in the level of dopamine and cholinergic systems are scientifically proven.
(European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 29, pp. 1810–1819, 2009)
In addition to that recent findings by others shown that sleep deprivation affects the long term memory process, Because synaptic plasticity is mediated ny glutaminergic NMDA receptors. Changes in the NMDA receptor level found in biochemical and electrophysiological studies in sleep deprived rats.

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What I know in this field is

What I know in this field is that if we dont sleep according to our circadian rhythms, our body physiology start getting disturbed. Sleep deprivation affects many of our organs like brain, liver, stomach, etc.

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Sleep deprivation is one way

Sleep deprivation is one way to understand functional role of sleep in body physiology. research done till date suggest sleep deprivation can cure from depression but there we miss that REM sleep specific deprivation are much affective in treating depression. REMSD has been to shown affective as it increases monamine concentration in brain. as well known SSRI are given for treatment for depression. but it is still to decide how much time of deprivation to be proceed because long term REMSD leads to other behavioural problems. 

Abhishek Singh
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Since you have experienced

Since you have experienced sleep deprivation i would like if you please say duration of deprivation since a week deprivation is enough for leading altered behavioural condition. what was your blood report  during start and end of deprivation.