Grass Foundation/AES Robert S. Morison Fellowship

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Grass Foundation/AES Robert S. Morison Fellowship

Grass Foundation/AES Robert S. Morison Fellowship
The American Epilepsy Society is proud to announce its partnership with The Grass Foundation to offer the Robert S. Morison Fellowship for the training of academic clinician scientists in epilepsy. This two-year post-doctoral fellowship will be awarded to a promising young investigator possessing an M.D. degree who intends to continue training in basic science in an epilepsy research laboratory. The fellowship was created in honor of the contributions of Dr. Morison, one of the founding Trustees of The Grass Foundation. Albert and Ellen Grass started The Grass Foundation in the 1950s and have made many contributions to the scientific and social aspects of epilepsy.
The Fellowship will be $40,000 per year for two years for salary with an additional $10,000 (maximum) per year to be used for institutional fringe benefits plus $1,000 for the fellow to travel to the AES Annual Meeting to present his/her results. The award will be announced and presented during the AES Annual Meeting.
The next available fellowship will be funded January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012. The application deadline will be August 31, 2009 and notification will be made by January 1, 2010.
Physicians interested in being considered for a Robert S. Morrison Fellowship should apply for either a Post-doctoral Fellowship or a Research and Training Fellowship for Clinicians administered by the Epilepsy Foundation. For application information go to Please note in the application the desire to be considered for a Morison Fellowship. The Morison Fellowship will be selected by the AES/EF Clinical Grant Selection Committee from among qualified applicants for the Post-doctoral Fellowships and Research and Training Fellowships. Applicants for this fellowship can at the same time be considered for a fellowship in the category under which he/she applied.

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