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Chem Info

Chemical buyers guide specialist has added an all-inclusive list of products and suppliers. The whole database section has been revamped to provide chemical professionals with access to an extensive list of products and suppliers through its Web site.

The current database has 33270 products and 8912 far-reaching suppliers. We have also updated the CAS numbers. The database is updated on a daily basis. We endeavor to cover the whole spectrum of chemical related products and help buyers reach suppliers from world over.
ChemicalRegister is a comprehensive online reference database of suppliers of products and services used in the Chemical industries.

We harness advanced but clean search engine optimization techniques to ensure that the listed supplier is advertised where the customer is looking for them. This enables small and medium sized business targeting the Chemical industries to have a powerful marketing presence on the internet, helping them to defend and advance their market position against large companies.

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Hmm... I might have to try

Hmm... I might have to try ordering from you guys the next time I need something...

Johan Abraham
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are you the buyers or you are

are you the buyers or you are just hosting adverts of others