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post doc research

As a doctoral student in the fourth organic chemistry, to finish my studies in the field of chemistry, University of Oran , Algeria USTO I would like the opportunity to do a post doc from 2014 .
Through this position, I would use the knowledge different from my academic training and in my various courses in the field of research and development area that I will integrate in the future.     
            I wish to inform you that:
a) during the academic training, I learned effectively in organic chemistry, surface chemistry , thermodynamics, mass transfer and chemical kinetics .
b )  By graduation , I had the opportunity to realize the synthesis and complexation phényalaline transition metals . 
c)  during my training magister biomolecular chemistry performed at the University of Science and Technology of Oran , I had the opportunity to address the following modules: Chemistry of biomolecules , macromolecular compounds , the mechanism of the reaction chemistry advanced heterocyclic physical methods of analysis , transfer membrane / screening , asymmetric synthesis, the strategy of organometallic chemistry .
 The theme carried out at the end of this training : Synthesis and characterization of s- bis nucleoside derivatives of terephthalic acid
 C) And the last drive , what I did to get my Master 2 research relates to the synthesis of amino derivatives of thiophene and thiazole potentially anti -oxidants. They have been very rewarding , not only by providing theoretical and practical knowledge , but also for my personal development. I could prove myself and show all my skills .
 Willing to devote all my skills and my ability to take initiative, reflection and group work, this one hand and on the other hand , interested in enhancing my experience of research and development , and finally knowing that this course meets my expectations, which is why I would like to address this demand.
Hoping that my application be accepted , I would have you believe, Sir, the assurances of my respectful greetings .