Anti-obesity drugs

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Anti-obesity drugs

I heard that new drugs have been discovered to fight obesity. Have you heard about a mechanism called: turning off the fat cells? How this can work, is this procedure experimental or in the market already? any company or product's name?

Richard Taylor
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It isn't what you're asking about directly, but it is a product (not a drug) that actively reduces cholesterol.

There are lots of things people might mean when they say "turning off" fat cells.

One is signalling to them, your body turns your fat cells "on and off" regularly as they are required to do different things - store fat just after you've eaten for example and burn it when you need to use the energy it contains.

On a completely different level - looknig at the differentiation of cells, there has been much research into a "switch" - a gene which determines if a cell is going to become muscle or fat.

Anti-obesity drugs are big business and there is lots of dodgy stuff out there, you should only take drugs or change your diet in consultation with a doctor.