Effects of Sucrose replacement in ACSF


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Nov 16, 2015
I am attempting to clamp INa in Purkinje neurons and, to do so, I have been lowering the Na concentration to 50mM from around 150mM. To replace the NaCl I have been using TEA-Cl. Though this is very expensive and troublesome. I would much rather use something like sucrose so that I can keep my TEA-Cl concentration to around 15mM. However, in the literature I have not seen sucrose used. I often see it placed in the internal but not in the ACSF. Does anyone know if it will effect anything. I can imagine two problems- 1. Sucrose has its own effects on cells when it is in the extracellular solution, 2. Loss of extracellular chloride by not using TEA-Cl will cause effects due to an inappropriate chloride gradient. I cant find either of these scenarios in the literature but I would be hate to be dinged on this in a future publication. Any help will be greatly appreciated.