Yttrium Bullet Position on an Axial torch

Bo Bowman

New member
Nov 2, 2018
I have a Thermo 7400 dual view ICP with an axial torch. Where should the yttrium bullet position be on an axial torch? On my old radial torch on an old TJA 9000 I would position the tip of the bullet just above the top of the load coil. When I introduce the 1000 ppm yttrium on my axial torch I don’t see the yttrium bullet! Should I be clearly seeing the yttrium bullet as I did on my old radial torch! Should it be just left of the load coil? Why might I not see it at all? I run the optimization procedure recommended by Thermo and it passes but I’m just curious when I introduce the yttrium solution why it isn’t clear the position of the yttrium bullet?