About Us

Scientist Solutions Inc. was started in 2004 for the purpose of promoting the worldwide advancement of science and biotechnology. To achieve this goal we have developed an internet discussion site or "Board" to provide scientists a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

Team Leaders

Marcia Allen - Founder

Scientist Solutions, Inc., Scientist Solutions Events

The inspiration for Scientist Solutions came from two places:  Seeing the power of ebay many years ago to connect people:  What one person sees as trash is treasure to someone else.   While working with Southern BioTech I saw scientists struggling every day to find antibodies.  Back then producing a monoclonal antibody was a 9 month process and the result wasn't guaranteed.  I saw my boss, Charles Lichtman, the CEO connecting scientists from one lab to another to share antibodies.  With the reemergence of the Internet I felt there needed to be a hub for scientists to connect and share information, problem solve and even collaborate.  One scientist in China sharing an antibody from his or her freezer with a scientist in California potentially saves several months in an experiment.  If we

David Klein - CEO

Scientist Solutions, Inc., Scientist Solutions Events

David Klein joined Scientist Solutions after a 25 year career in the Technology Sector of the Silicon Valley. After working for or with companies like HP, Siebel Systems, Microsoft, Intel and Legend (now Lenovo), he was intrigued by what we are doing here at Scientist Solutions.

 “Having a brother with ALS and knowing there is very little funding for this terrible disease makes me passionate to help scientists in their quest for discovery and cures.  I hope to use my experience in technology, both with prominent companies and successful growth of my own start up to propel the Scientist Solutions organization and family to make a difference in life science"

Fraser Moss - President

Scientist Solutions

I am Fraser Moss, President of ScientistSolutions.com and also known as TheFFM on the site. I have a Ph. D. in Pharmacology from University College London and postdoc experience at the California Institute of Technology and Case Western Reserve University as well as spending some time in industry. My research has focused predominantly on neuronal ion channel and neurotransmitter transporter biophysics. I have extensive training in electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, molecular biology and protein biochemistry and have employed these techniques to investigate the oligomerization, stoichiometry, trafficking and pharmacology of these elegant multimeric proteins in both normal and disease states.