golgi marker for CHO cells

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golgi marker for CHO cells

hi ...

I am looking for a golgi marker ( antibody against a protein resident in golgi ) that will work in Chinese hamster ovary cells. The antibody must be produced in rabbit, since my secundary antibody is goat anti-rabbit (TxRed) .
I was thinkig about anti-GM130 (SIGMA) but I am not sure bout the crossreactivity with hamster.

If you have any idea or suggestion I will be very gratefull.


Fraser Moss
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the species name for the

the species name for the chinese hamster is Cricetulus griseus or Cricetulus aureus


However with a brief search I could only find the mitichodrial genome sequence of this species.

The antibody you are considering is raised against amino acid residues 968-983 of human GM130 with an N-terminal added lysine, conjugated to KLH.

I BLASTed the sequence and it is is identical in rat, mouse, Rhesus monkey, Xenopus, and Chicken GM130 and 81% identical in dog, and 75% identical in pufferfish.

I reckon you have a pretty good shot at it detecting GM130 in the CHO cells. Just make sure you do the appropriate positive and negative controls especially preabsorbing the 1ry Ab with an excess of the syntheic peptide against which it was raised if Sigma sell that too.