Isolation and purification of megaplasmid

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Isolation and purification of megaplasmid

Which method do you recommend for the isolation and purification of a low copy plasmid that is larger then >200 kb from Agrobacterium ?
The plasmid is a wild-type plasmid, even though there are some cross references mentioned but I dont have access to those journals. So, if possible kindly email a reprint.


Tony Rook
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Here are some links for purification/isolation of large plasmids (> 10kb)

Invitrogen link -

Qiagen's Miniprep Handbook-

AEM Reference -
D G Anderson and L L McKay. Simple and rapid method for isolating large plasmid DNA from lactic streptococci.
Appl Environ Microbiol. 1983 September; 46(3): 549552.

Good luck and let the board know if this helps!