Sealing films for Real-Time PCR

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Sealing films for Real-Time PCR

Please indicate which brands you prefer for sealing your real time PCR plates and which problems do you have while using sealing films. Thank you!

Tony Rook
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I am currently running a Bio

I am currently running a Bio-Rad MiniOpticon 48-well real time PCR thermocycler. I have recently been sealing my plates with flat sealing caps, but have realized lately that I have condensation build-up at the end of my cycles. I originally chose to use sealing caps because I was unable to find a sealing tape that was made for 48-well plates. To use the Bio-Rad brand sealing tape, I need to manually cut the tape either before or after sealing the plate. From discussion on this board and within my lab, it seems that sealing tape is a better option than sealing caps for real time PCR applications.