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New Biology Search Engine


I thought you will be interested in this new search engine which has very good search categories for bio-informatics software and on-line tools.

Hope you find it useful.


Guy Sovak
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Hi Scott,

Hi Scott,
Welcome to scientist solutions, we hope that you would find this scientific board as your site of preference when you are looking to get some answers to your scientific questions and would be more then happy you would continue to share scientific information with us.

I looked at the site you mentioned and it is quit useful, in our site we have also a search engine that searches over 6000 life science web site which were selected by our experienced scientists.

We are looking forward seeing you on our website and so to speak make it also your web site. Please dont forget to go and fill in your information on "MyBenchSpace" there you can find other scientists that share your research interests.


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VADLO is a search engine for

VADLO is a search engine for biologists in which users can search the web for protocols, online tools, powerpoint presentations, databases, and software. Unfortunately, it was a little troubling when it returned no results for a well known de novo assembly program that I am currently using (velvet)...

However, the 'Life in Research' type cartoon is definitely a redeeming factor. This one is my favourite!

No word on whether VALDO has any of Google's well documented easter eggs...

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Oh, I did not know there was

Oh, I did not know there was a response. Thank you!

Guy, I enjoy the comics in biostream too. It is a nice concise newsletter.

sichan, my favorite seems to be just one page ahead of you.. the NIH Grant cartoon! Don't know about any hidden easter eggs, but then I don't know what kind of clues (keywords) may do the trick! I guess I will ask'em!!