How to record action potential

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How to record action potential

Hey, I just start doing action potential measurement of neurons from slice but don't know how to start. I use pclamp. Under current-clamp, what the protocol should be? Never use I-clamp before. Thanks.

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You should create a gap-free

You should create a gap-free protocol in pclamp, and make sure that it is set up for current clamp measurements. Then the inputs and outputs should be automatically set for you to record in current clamp. For the gap-free protocol, you can set the total time and depending of the number of channels you record at the same time, 10 min should be fine (otherwise you can have a lot of heavy files, and is is difficult to analyze).

The alternative, if you may prefer to use sweeps, is to make a protocol with sweeps of X s long (if you choose episodic instead of gap-free) and then adjust if you want a stimulation or not,

Hope that helps