Linux vs SGI

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Linux vs SGI

which platform is better for scientist Linux for SGI??

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Between the two I would say

Between the two I would say that LINUX is more applicable than IRIX. Though really the differences in the two OS's is not that great. If you are proficient at IRIX you would move to a LINUX box with little or no learning curve.

I personally feel that OS-X is the best option for bioinformatic computing. I can run almost all programs I need to and dont have to switch between OS's.

The only exception to this would be some of the molecular modeling/dynamics and some crystallography programs which require SGI hardware to run, in which case you would be stuck in IRIX.

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What relevent crystallography

What relevent crystallography programs require SGI?

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linux is the best operating

linux is the best operating system for scientist group. this is a comman line operating system and virus free os and secure