Organic reagent clean up

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Organic reagent clean up

Hello All,
Please does someone know the best way to clean/purify cDNA from organic reagent, specially Formamide? I tried the the Minelute from Qiagen, but it does not seem to work, even though they told it would work great.
Thanks and I really appreacite your assistance in this matter.


R Bishop
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Doesn't surprise me the spin

Doesn't surprise me the spin columns didnt wrk all that great. 

Classically, you would precipitate the DNA with an equal volume of 70% isopropanol at room temperature and centrifuge at >12,000 x g at 4C. Then perform a second washing step with 70% ethanol and dry the cDNA.  Formamide should be gone at that point


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Thanks a lot for your anwser.

Thanks a lot for your anwser. I really appreciate it.