Freezer Managment database

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Freezer Managment database

I would like to present you a powerful and affordable solution for frozen samples management – Selen Freezer database.

Every scientist knows a problem of overcrowded freezers and nitrogen tanks. Our database is designed to solve this problem. It was envisioned by scientists to be as user friendly as it possible and powered by the most high end database technologies.

The key features are:

? database can be installed on a single PC or in a network.
? manages almost unlimited number of samples
? all organization levels (storage facility, freezer/LN2 tank, tray, box and sample) are viewed within one window
? highly flexible freezer organization: from table type freezer with trays to disorganized shelves and radial nitrogen tanks!
? flexible material types: customize your specific material types
? automated control of expiry data: always reorder in time
? no more chaos if material is moved: move or copy samples, boxes or whole trays
? instant label printing on plain paper: no special equipment needed
? managed user structure: define group leaders and group members
? software can be adapted used by a single person or by an institute with independent research groups
? never lose material of leaving colleague, simply transfer it to another one
? keep your paper documentation, software will print you the content of your boxes automatically
? powerful search with “go to” function, see the position of your sample immediately
For more information visit web site, where you can also download a demo version of the software.

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Obviously you don't work in

Obviously you don't work in the lab.  Who's interested in paperbased labels that dissolve as soon as you take the sample our of the freezer?!