Isozyme electrophoresis

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Isozyme electrophoresis

  I'm working with isozyme electrophoresis for population variation study I'm getting only  single band for all enzymes like ADH,LDH etc and i'm using 6% resolving gel 5% stack gel I tried 7%,10% gel but i got diffused bands and it takes more than 3 and a half hours.I'm running out of my time to submit my thesis only 1 week more Please help me

Chin Fen Teo
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Hi AnjaliKrsih,

Hi AnjaliKrsih,

It depends on how big difference are there between all these isozymes. If they have indeed very similar in size, 1D-PAGE with regular running condition is almost impossible to separate them. While increasing the electrophoresis time, you are indeed also increase the resolving power of molecules/proteins with very similar size. I suspect, letting the gels run extra-long might be the only way to go for 1D-PAGE separation.

Good luck.