Hypoxia Assay

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Hypoxia Assay

Does anyone know of an assay I can use to find which areas of the brain are more resistant to the effects of hypoxia? Off the top of my head I was going to look at amount of mitochondria. If anyone knows of another way please let me know.
Thank you

Johan Abraham
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Muscles are the most Oxygen

Muscles are the most Oxygen consumer
So that you can name the mscular organs or tissues in the brain area such as the eye
so that they are sensitive to hopoxia level

but Extreme hypoxia eventually causes failure of brain stem functions. The brainstem is a part of the brain most resistant to the effects of hypoxia, and only malfunctions and fails at degrees of hypoxia causing failure of the rest of the brain. Extreme hypoxia causes failure of all cerebral cortex functions, as well as brainstem malfunction so inducing loss of consciousness, together with abnormal breathing. Even more extreme hypoxia causes failure of all brainstem functions, causing loss of consciousness and cessation of breathing, resulting in anoxia, subsequent irreversible brainstem damage and death.

I hope this helped you.