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Amplifier Choice

Dear All,
I am thinking to purchase amplifier for Patch clamp rig... So, can you suggest me which one is the best: Axopatch 200b with pClamp or EPC 10 with pulse software...
I had already experienced of Axopatch 200b, but still i am confused which one is the best.. in terms of series resistance compensation, noise issue and data analysis...

I am looking forward for your reply....

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Although I did never try an EPC10, I like the Axopatch200b. But its rather a feel than anything you can calculate. It is pretty much the newest and best one in our lab, I think.
pClamp is also fine, but I guess it depends on how and on what youre working.

You might want to check the detailed technical properties given by he manufacturers if you want to have the lowest noise etc... but take care how values are given (different units/measurements).