Capacitance measurements and negative Gm

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Capacitance measurements and negative Gm

Hello, I'd have a query!

Which is the meaning of a "negative" membrane conductance?

I record cell membrane capacitance in whole cell mode and during my Cm measurements, I record Gm too. Usually, that's constant in a range of 0.2-2 nanoSiemens.

Recently, I'm getting some capacitance measurements with a negative Gm, around 0.5-1 nS, constant but negative.

I can't understand what's happening and above all, I have a preoccupation: could that affect values of Cm? Traces of Cm look nice, with increase when I stimulate exocytosis. But could this negative Gm have an effect on behaviour of Cm?

Could anyone please help me?

Thanks so much. Regards.