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Clampex10, Multiclamp

 Dear all,

we started to use a fully new Patch Clamp Setup few weeks ago (Clampex 10.3, Digidata 1440A, MultiClamp700B). Last week, due to fabrication failure one of our micromanipulators broke and now we have a big problem, that we can make nice Gigaseals and have almost no noise at all, but we cannot adress the micromanipulator with protocols we have. 
What exactly is the problem, we don't know, but it is probably a mismatch in the channel settings and the micromanipulator is not correct adressed as it is now. 

Could you please check the settings and tell me whether there is something plugged wrongly, that causes this mess?

Analog Out #0 of Digidata -> Command Input of Channel 1 of MultiClamp
Analog Out #1 of Digidata -> Command Input of Channel 2 of MultiClamp
Analog In #0 of Digidata -> Primary Output of Channel 1 of MultiClamp
Analog In #1 of Digidata -> Primary Output of Channel 2 of MultiClamp
According to these settings, I reconfigured the telegraphed instrument settings.
Analog IN #0 -->Amplifier Output: Primary output 1 --> Command Analog OUT #0
Analog IN #1 --> Amplifier Output:Primary output2 --> Command Analog OUT #1
Is it correct so far?
When I now start to create signals on Lab Bench like described here
I always end up with problems creating protocols. For example in the Epoch description of the Waveform tab
there is always First Level and Delta Level set in pA, and I cannot change it to mV. Is this a problem
of misconnection? I did everything step by step like in the manual.
And do I have to make differences setting up those protocols between the micromanipulators or can I just choose
which one to adress in the MultiClamp-Window?
I hope you can help me!
Thank you very much

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Check this link! I set up my rig using it and it worked!
I have the same instruments!