Clarification on Approaches to Afib

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Clarification on Approaches to Afib

Hello, I have a relative that recently underwent Atrial Fibrillation Ablation treatment...and it seems to have gone fairly successfully. In reading up on the subject (periodicals, journals, HRS info) I came across several "techniques" or theories about Treatment of Afib that are a little confusing to say the least. Can anyone help me clarify the following?

In regards to: Domain Mapping, CFAE's, Mother Rotors and Ganglia Plexus....1) Are these all different ways to attack Afib?..or different names for the same technique/approach? 2) Could you describe each of these approaches/ if you were talking to your mother/father or an uninformed patient? 3)Maybe a positive and or negative about each approach? 4)Possibly why they're creating such a buzz at this point?

I've read several papers on the above by folks such as Nademanne, Reddy, Jalife, Ideker and Associates, and the Bordeaux group, etc...but these studies are a bit difficult to decipher and pull the essence of the message. I have read and do understand to some degree, approaches such as Circumferential and Segmental PV Ablation.

Thank you in advance for the assistance, it's greatly appreciated.