Cyclic Voltammetry with Axon MultiClamp 700b

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Cyclic Voltammetry with Axon MultiClamp 700b


I am trying to set up a system to measure dopamine concentration using cyclic voltammetry with 5 microns carbon fiber microelectrode. The waveform (voltage clamp mode is ramped from -400 mV to 1200 mV and then back down to -400 mV at ~300 V/s) is generated from Clampex 10.2. The problem I run into is that the potential measured from this voltage range goes off the 200 nA scale that MultiClamp has. Many of the articles I have read on this method seem to point to a current of +/- 800 nA.

My question is if there are anyway to extend this range on the MultiClamp 700b.

Here is my current software/settings:
MultiClamp 700B Commander Version
Voltage Clamp mode using CV-7B/EC headstage
50 M Ohms Feedback Resistance

Thank you kindly