DMSO in bath solution

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DMSO in bath solution

I think most of people prepare aliquots of compound stock solution with DMSO.I am wondering about reasonable DMSO concentration (upper limit) in the bath solution. People say 0.1%,  0.3% or even 1%.  
I have tried to find reasonable concentration, but not easy at all. Sometimes no influence at 1%, sometimes small influence at 0.3%.
Also one of my colleagues said that DMSO, even very small amount,  increases osmo pressure, which can give influence to the cell. 
Does anyone give me suggestion about reasonable DMSO concentration? I am working with hERG-CHO.

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Traditionally, screening

Traditionally, screening groups use 0.1% DMSO final concentration.  However, some systems are more sensitive tthan others.   Determination of DMSO sensitivity if part of the validation of the method.  Personally, using the IonworksHT system, our hERG CHO cells were rather insensitive to DMSO, with about 10% inhibition response at 0.1% DMSO.  DMSO has not been a problem with hERG clones based on what I've read and heard at talks.