Effect of temperature on pipette resistance

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Effect of temperature on pipette resistance


Currently I am conducting experiments in which I monitor local temperature changes in the recording chamber by measuring the open pipette resistance. I found this technique in http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22415827 . Basically the idea is that there is a linear relationship between resistance of an open pipette in the bath and the temperature. Thus, after calibration, one can calculate local temperature changes on the basis of pipette resistance change. My question now is what causes the resistance of the pipette to change in response to temperature changes. In one paper I read it was due to the liquid junction potential, which is temperature dependent. Of course this is the case, however I also find the changes in resistance when I use the same solution in the bath and in the pipette. So, there must also be some other mechanism ivolved. I can't seem to find any literature explaining this.