Electrophysiological investigation on hERG Potassium channel blockade

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Electrophysiological investigation on hERG Potassium channel blockade

Can anyone give me more information about the following aspects about myocyte:

1.) Prolongation of QT period of ECG

2.) hERG potassium channel

3.) Whole - cell patch - clamp technique

4.) Transient outside potassium current

5.) Ultra - rapid delayed rectifier potassium current

6.) Opioid receptor


Thanks for every experts for your advice!

Fraser Moss
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Firstly apolgies I missed

Firstly apolgies I missed this topic for so long.

I'll try to answer some of your questoins but it will have to come in installments as and when i have time.

I could write you an epic post here, but to start I'll refer you to a few excellent review papers that will explain most answers to your first two questions and give you plenty of of other references from which you can learn more.

Sanguinetti & Tristani-Forouzi, Nature (2006) ,v.440 p.463

Thomas D, Karle CA, Kiehn J., Curr Pharm Des. (2006) v.12 p. 2271-83

Modell et al. (2006) Genet Med ,v.8 p. 143

Jalaie M, Holsworth DD., Mini Rev Med Chem. (2005) v.5 p. 1083-91

More to come later....

Fraser Moss
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Here's a cool little movie of

Here's a cool little movie of how patching actually works


Guy Sovak
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Thats a great site.

Thats a great site.
I enjoyed watching the animation

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In my opinion,you should give

In my opinion,you should give some rough backgroud information for other's correct advice.I guess that maybe you want to use whole cell patch clamp technique on the hERG potassium channel of cardiacmyocyte .Your project may linked to the ion channel mechnism of long QT a common clinical menifesitation ,right?I am previously a health care professional now doing science and from my own experience,for those who have be previously unfamiliar with the electrophysiological stuffs now want to use something from it must be very cautious.You'd better consult an expert in this field for weighing the justification of your planned project.From my experience with many people jumping into doing electrophysiological experiment withour sodidated and essential background knowledge,their project plans more or less have problems ,some are even very serious for example bing not feasible or baseless.This is the most step for your knowing the significance and novelty of your planned project ,otherwise ,the ourcome will turn into disaster when the reviewer tell you that the justfication doing this is not reasonalbe so my advice is never let that happen.I hope you take me advice into careful consideration .The hard lab work is only meaningful given what you are going to do is also very meaningful.With respect to the technique ,I think many people here are capable to help you with that.Good luck.