EMF felt through skin!! What's going on??

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EMF felt through skin!! What's going on??

Hello all,

I know this may not be the best place to find an answer to my questions but I thought this audience would know where to direct me.  So let me explain what happened:
Lying in bed last night we discovered an interesting, if not troubling phenomena: our electric blanket proved to be a significant source of an inductive electric field.   For years we have used electric blankets and never experienced this phenomena until now, with a recently acquired blanket, we began to use about two or three months ago.
As I would tense my muscles, my partner could lightly touch my skin and feel a gentle vibration as one may feel when touching an inadequately grounded appliance.  When fully relaxing my muscles, he felt nothing even if the blanket was turned on.  With the blanket off, there was no such feeling at any state of muscle activity. 
This experience prompts two questions; one of an academic nature, and the other more related to general health matters:

  1. What is the mechanism for the conduction of an electromagnetically induced current through the body only when the core body muscles are contracted?  (My training as a dentist was over twenty years ago and covered little of this subject.)
  2. What is the current opinion to the risks related to electrical fields of the frequency and strength one might experience from an electric blanket?

Any takers?

Jeff (aka Buzzing in California)