Interpreting Event Kinetics: proximal v. distal

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Interpreting Event Kinetics: proximal v. distal

for sometime now i have been interested in how the kinetics and amplitude of events can relate to the location of the active synpase and how this is altered by swapping K+ for Cs+.

I have been looking for a nice summary/article explaining this, but so far I haven't been able to find a nice simple overview. 

please correct my assumptions if they are incorrect: 

1. Distal synaptic events, in general, exhibit slower kinetics (i.e., slower rise and decay times) than proximal events
2. The amplitude of distal events will appear smaller when recorded at the soma than if recorded in the dendrites
3. Replacing K+ with Cs+ will speed up the kinetics and reduce the attenuation of the amplitude of distal events

Is this correct? Can anyone out there elaborate on this topic and/or provide a link to an article?

I would also be very interested in hearing thoughts on how charge transfer fits into this - i.e., will slower kinetics lead to higher charge transfer readings??