IR DIC optics

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IR DIC optics

Hi guys,
I am trying to set up IR-DIC optics in my slice rig to record from the cells. But I am having great difficulty doing so. While, I can visualise the cells, the resolution of the image is really bad and i cannot see shadows clearly which is essential for visualised patches.
Can you recommend me something.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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please go to the following

please go to the following link 
Visualizing unstained cells in living preparations by Improved Infrared DIC-Video microscopy  

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Thanks...I am gonna try and

Thanks...I am gonna try and see if it helps.

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The image quality is still

The image quality is still horrible. I am searching for manuals on setting up these optics but cant seem to find any...any suggestions?

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Use relatively thin slices of

Use relatively thin slices of  225–250 μm and set the bandwidth of the IR so that it is limited to 40 nm using appropriate filter sets (e.g. a narrow IR bandwidth D770/40 (Chroma 39621) ) .  This will reduce the light scattering within the IR band and produce a  noticeably sharper image than for thicker slices with broad bandpass filters. 
use a fast acquisition rate to allow you to vizualize the patch pipette when you are going for a seal.