lack of Spontanteous EPSC in clampex?

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frustrated student
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lack of Spontanteous EPSC in clampex?


I have another issue...

When I am in i-clamp, I can see my activity without any issue.  when i switch to v-clamp and want to see spontaneous EPSCs and minis, I can't seem them under any setting in clampex.  When I use axoscope, it appears that i might have some sort of activity but its tough to correlate.  the best answer i have come up with is that i am close to the reversal so I'm missing it some how.  other than that, i have no idea...i am using internal and external solns from a paper that reports minis and EPSCs routinely.

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Have you tried looking at EPSCs at more hyperpolarised potentials? EPSCs should become bigger with more hyperpolarization making it easier for you to see them.


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what happened with your minis

what happened with your minis?  if you're holding your cell at -70 mV or so they should be obvious, unless your signal:noise is low.  hold your voltage at the same resting potential that you record while in current clamp.