...mini spontaneous currents

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...mini spontaneous currents


I want to ask about some mini spontaneous currents (less than 50pA) in wholle cell recordings. I made recordings in hippocampal culture, and after block neurotransmission with CNQX-AP5-Bicuculline, some small spontaneous currents keep; what kind of currents could be that, or from where can come this currents?



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Histamine, ACh and ATP

Histamine, ACh and ATP immediately came to my mind as transmitters that mediate fast neurotransmission (refs below). I'm sure there are more. In right conditions (proximity of postsynaptic receptors etc) they may induce minis.

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What was your holding

What was your holding potential?
What did you have in the internal solution.
What was the direction of the current? Inward/ outward?
Some of the potassium channels can give currents under your conditions.