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Hi everyone!

I just got my MSc in gene technology, I am good in patch clamping, bot whole-cell and perforated. I try to choose the university for my PhD studying, but in my country it is the only one lab who do electrophysiology. May be you can give me some advice which university to choose for my PhD program.

Thank you!

Retina Patcher
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If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, what country are you from?  Assuming Estonia

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 Yes, I am from Estonia

 Yes, I am from Estonia

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 Do you want to study in any

 Do you want to study in any particular country outside Estonia? e.g. UK, France, Germany, Spain, USA?

Don't just go to a lab because they are in another country and do patch clamp - which you already know hoe to do.  Ask yourself what is the disease, clinical condition or field that interests you?  Ask yourself why does it interest you.

E.g. Are you interested in neuroscience?  - maybe in diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, addiction,  MS , ALS?

Are you interested in muscle physiology?

or are you even interested in branching out to something new studying the role of ion channels in plants?

Decide the field in which you want to study, then identify the labs who's papers in that field you find the most interesting and write to the principal investigator to see if he has any PhD vacancies available.  Often if they like you enough they will invite you to join even if they are not officially advertising for a PhD vacancy. So do your homework on what you like and focus on the physiological/clinical relevance of what you want to study, NOT just the technique.  A good lab will be doing research on something that is going to keep you excited for 4-6 years and will offer you the opportunity to learn several new techniques in order to complete your PhD thesis and not just focus on something you already know.  That said it will be nice to start by doing some patch clamp as part of your project.

A PhD is your best chance you get a solid grounding in so many techniques and fields of research.  Take it!