Recording Sodium Current from Rat Neonatal Myocytes

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Recording Sodium Current from Rat Neonatal Myocytes

hello all,

  i have been trying to get sodium current recordings from rat neonatal myocytes via whole cell patch and have been running into considerable issues.  I can get cell attached patches regularly and sometimes can go whole cell but often the cells abruptly die.  my solutions for these recordings are as follows  (all in mM). 

Bath:                                                          Pipette
25 NaCl,                                                          10 NaF
118.2 NMDG                                                   110 CsF
4 KCl                                                                  20 CsCl
1 MgCl2                                                             10 EGTA
1.8 CaCl2                                                          10 HEPES
10 HEPES                                                               pH to 7.4 w/ CsOH
10 Glucose
-pH to  7.4 w/ HCl

does anybody have experience with recordings from this cell type?  and if so i would very much like to hear from you as well as well as anybody who can suggest some solutions as this has been going on for several weeks now.